Keyflow have developed a number of software solutions. Particulary in manufacturing and service industries. If you have are looking for a solution give us a call today on 053 9169520 or drop an e-mail to

Jobster Service Management Software

The Jobster suite of software is a service calls managment system Features include:-

  • Windows based mult-user system for call managment
  • Communication to engineers via SMS, Fax and internet throught the portal
  • Free cut down of the software for engineers to use

Production tracking system

Our production managment system collects production and shipping data and produces reports in real-time. It gives users up-to-date information on the process and applies business and process rules as product goes through the system. Features include:-

  • Retrival of orders via EDI, XML and other methods.
  • Electronic feedback to customers and suppliers.
  • Web-based reporting/tracking for users  and customers
  • Dashboard with drill-down functionality
  • Operator tracking
  • Use of barcode or RFID
  • Printing of labels and shipping documents